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Session Summary

Introduced Qt Academy: what it is and what kind of courses there are. Also, introduced future plans for growing the course selection, maintaining the quality, and growing the ecosystem.

Public Qt Academy roadmap was introduced. In the roadmap, all the courses planned are visible, and you can submit new course ideas there as well.

The Qt Academy guidelines were introduced. The course creation process (planning, creation, review, construction, release) and template were showcased. Talked about the ways to involve the community (feedback, course creation, course suggestion etc.)

Session Owners

Emilia Valkonen-Damjanovic

Ashley Walton



  • Cmake course should be added to the Qt Academy
  • We talked about the challenge of keeping material up to date; currently doing versioning on the courses
  • Will other material than Qt be added to the Academy ⇒ c++ courses in the plans
  • Are we making courses on YouTube? ⇒ No, some short intros will possibly be added later
  • Qt account login to Qt Academy is not working yet (under work)
  • How is Qt Academy different from Udemy and other platforms? ⇒ free; material made by Qt experts; platform concentrates on Qt themes.