Qt Contributor Summit 2019 - Releasing Notes

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  • The Releasing Dashboard in JIRA provides a good overview of upcoming releases, Qt Creator will be added there
  • We should list all contributors of a release in the ChangeLog (AP Jani Heikkinen)
  • Encourage people to help editing ChangeLogs (gerrit in-editing) (AP everyone)
  • Next time for release meeting will be (also) announced in IRC channel topic (AP Jani Heikkinen)

Change Logs

  • What should be the base of the changelog? (last patch release in current branch, forward merges?)
    • From users perspective it should be last current branch, but that's a lot of (double) work
    • New cherry-pick only mode will make more work
  • Put changelog entry into files instead of commit message
    • e.g. named after bug number ...
    • gets merged into ChangeLog before release
    • Advantage: Can be edited
    • Disadvantage: Yet another file
  • Better tooling for ChangeLog entries?
    • Crowd-sourcing it via a shared platform
    • Proposal: Use editing in Gerrit for that (and make it's clear that it's ok to edit)
  • Biggest problems: qtbase, qtdeclarative
    • Split up by module in qtbase?
  • Proposal: Use change log only for major changes
    • BC issues
    • security fixes (!)
    • new features (high level)
    • new dependencies
    • -> no consensus on this
  • Are ChangeLogs being read/used by many?
    • Do people know that there's a ChangeLog?
    • Place it more prominently?
  • Who's the audience?
    • Interested developers
    • Packaging Managers / administrators
    • Do they really need polished sentences?

Transparency of the Release Process

  • Cancellations of release meetings is not publicly announced
  • Suggestion: Announce next meeting in #qt-releases channel topic