Qt Contributors Summit 2019 - Qt Wayland Client and extensions

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Items with importance to KDE

  • layer-shell is interesting for KDE
    • there is an extension project for it, qtlayershell, but it uses internal API, and initialization order is difficult if this is not done inside qtwayland.
  • primary-selection (middle-click paste)
    • this has already been implemented (in Qt 5.14)
  • text-input version 3 is not usable for Qt and version 2 is unofficial. This is problematic for cross-toolkit support.
    • Jan Arne Peternsen will look into it and propose a version 4 for wayland-protocols.
  • Recent proposed changes in xdg_popup may put unnecessary burden on compositor developers. However, the consequences of ignoring the spec and continuing as before may not be that serious.

Other topics/comments

  • wp_viewporter on the client side
    • Could be interesting for things like embedding video in an application without client side scaling.
      • Would be useful with a real use-case/project to drive this. Talk to VLC?
  • In widgets qobject parent == layout parent, this causes problems, might be solved by having separate layout parents, however, we don't want to make widgets more complex than necessary.
  • David Edmundson has a patch for semantic layouting of popups, will push it to gerrit.
  • Platform-specific API
    • Some platform-specific API can go in private headers without binary compatibility guarantees (similar to QPA API).
    • Other API can be public in the QtWaylandClient module
      • wl_surface created/destroyed signals and getters
  • Color correction would be interesting to look at
  • Pier Luigi Fiorini (liri-shell) has been looking into pointer-constraints and relative-pointer extensions.
  • Support for tablet protocol would be nice