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Session Summary

As Qt's Community Manager, I plan to (re)introduce my role, my own approach and the plans to push the Community further.

  • What does the Community Manager do?
  • The Current State of the Qt Community
  • The Qt Community Roadmap: Our Plan Forward

Session Owners

  • Pedro Bessa (pedro.bessa@qt.io)


(Taken by Samuel Gaist)

Import point: suggestions are welcome to get things rolling in the community.

What does a CM do ?

  - Someone who is there to help you

  - Makes sure Community resources are employed to the benefit of the Community

  - A Facilitator and Project Manager -> there to lend a hand when needed as the community manages itself pretty well

  - Not there for Individual Support

  - There for Community Support

  - Improve the community -> help him help us

  - Pedro is not technically versed in Qt

What's the Current State of the Qt Community ?

- Help Pedro prioritize the current urgent stuff

Qt Community Roadmap and Backlog

  - qt-project.org improvement (see related session)

  - Forum software stack update

  - Blog Content

  - Improve onboarding new contributors

  - Bug Tuesday and other Days Activities

  - Bring Qt Quarterly back in some form

  - Community Social media account

  - Meetup Events (in presence, online, worldwide)

  - Event Sponsorship

  - Community Challenges

  - Hackathons

  - E-learning plans (Hanna, eLearning Manager)

The current calendar is pretty empty in terms of Qt related events and that something that should change.

Final note: do not hesitate to reach out to Pedro for both positive and negative constructive feedback.


From your past experience, what's something really important that the Qt community is lacking at the moment ?

  - Pedro: No centralized way to communicate so the information is spread everywhere and thus is also lacking everywhere.

  Request for feedback:

  - Cristián: a CM (but it is now fixed)

  - Aleix: meetings

  - Albert: some discussion seems to stay internal at The Qt Company

  - Shawn: related to the above there's a need for a reminder that the development mailing shall be used for these kind of things

  - Aleix: explicit outreach to get new Qt contributors would be useful, at the moment the messaging is aimed towards acquiring clients.

Are you the person that should be contacted to be both the source of knowledge about where Qt is used and who uses it ?

  - Yes, the idea being to gather the data from various sources (informal chat, etc.)

  - These information could be useful to attract new contributors and not only from a coding point of view (show cool projects, groups, enterprises that uses Qt).


The process to get a patch in is pretty daunting as already said before and pretty much Linux centric.

- A dedicated session is going to be organized to find new ways to help people with that. There are some parts that can't really be changed however, the getting started material might be reworked to be less scary.