Qt Contributors Summit 2022 - Program/qt-project.org

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Session Summary

I had many ideas on how to improve our project website, but didn't manage to implement them. I'd like to present the current version of the code that generates our portal, the plots, and everything, mainly to look for people that will be willing to help improving the site! This is a good idea for first-time contributors to jump into a simple project where there is a lot to improve ;)

Session Owners

  • Cristián Maureira-Fredes


(Taken by Samuel Gaist)

General information

- Built with Dash (plotly.com)

- Why Dash ? Something simple to do with Python and show graphs

- Flask used

- Hosted on Heroku

- Data of the website are taken from the Wiki and other official sources

- Request for help on the design on the pages, the information is there but lacks clarity and attractivity

- Everything is a markdown file

- Data are loaded from a daily generated zip file


- Reuse trick used for `contribute` with quips so there's coherence of style and automated page generation (quip 0)

- Kai Koehne's scripts: https://git.qt.io/kakoehne/qtprojectstats/

- More guidelines

- Improved status:

  - Gerrit status / maintenance break

  - Load on the systems (CI, etc.)

  - Central page with references

  - Branch state

- Add information about which branch to target

- Missing reviewers / approvers information (Gerrit should provide that information)


How easy is it to get the Open Source version of Dash ?

  - "pip install dash"

  - Not really clear from the website