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Documentation: http://doc.qt.io/qtcreator/creator-clang-codemodel.html


With the following invocation debugging output will be generated:


export QT_LOGGING_RULES=qtc.clang*=true

Windows (start DebugView in advance to see the output):

set QT_LOGGING_RULES=qtc.clang*=true

This will create way too much output. But since the lines are prefixed with the rule that generated them, you can easily adapt your settings to what you are actually interested in.

Compiler command lines for the code model context

The file <build dir>/.qtc_clangd/compile_commands.json contains the exact command lines that clangd uses to parse the files in the project.

Related Environment Variables

Run time related

  • QTC_CLANG_USE_TOOLCHAIN_MACROS - Uses also the toolchain macros for code model
  • QTC_CLANG_CMD_OPTIONS_BLACKLIST - Semicolon sepparated list of compiler command line options not to be passed to code model


clangd is used via the language server protocol to provide code model features


Linux and Mac:

libclang is built with the same compilers as Qt Creator ("Clang 7.0 (Apple)" for macOS, and GCC 5.3 from RHEL (which turns on old ABI compatibility with _GLIBCXX_USE_CXX11_ABI=0 by default) on Linux)


Currently libclang is built with optimized MinGW compiler for all Qt Creator versions. More information about Windows builds: Build libclang on Windows