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Code completion is a feature in QtCreator that helps to write program source code efficiently. Pressing Ctrl+<Space> asks the code completer to popup a small help window with suggestions which might be appropriate to type at the current cursor position in the source file.

Code completion can be configured to "jump in" automatically after typing some characters and then stopping to type.

Situations where code completion is helpful

  • include filenames
  • method names
  • class names
  • namespaces
  • … (please fill up)


Code completion filters the popup using the CamelStyleNamePattern: typing CSNP could complete to CamelStyleNamePattern.

Magic Keys

Some keys are magic keys. Hitting these keys while the completion popup is shown uses the selected completion and types in the magic key.

  • '.'
  • '('

Should there be more magic keys like: '+', ':','<', … ?

Slow down of code completion

Starting with QtCreator 2.3 there seems to be a thread to fill the popup while not blocking typing during code completion analyzing. However there are still situations where code completion takes significant time.