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List of Qt Creator Quick Fixes that could be made configurable

Configuration Dialog

The options could go into the dialog that is reachable by:

  • Projects (Ctrl+5) - Code Style - Edit…
  • Menu: Tools - Options - C++ - Code Style - Edit…

List of Options

Return value constness of getter function for a user defined non-pointer/non-reference type

Related Bugs: QTCREATORBUG-9413

Possible values

  • Non-const return value
  • Const return value
  • Auto detect (For C+11: Non-const, otherwise: const)

For C+11 it's better to return non-const objects because of rvalue references / move semantics.

Example A getMember() const; vs const A getMember() const;

Affected Quick Fixes

  • Create Getter and Setter Member Functions (GenerateGetterSetter)

Position of first curly brace of a function block

Possible values

  • Same line as function name
  • On new line
  • Auto detect (check surrounding functions)

Example void f() { } vs void f() { }

Affected Quick Fixes

  • Add Definition {Here, Inside Class, Outside Class, in file.cpp} (InsertDefFromDecl)
  • Extract Function (Extract Function)
  • Create Getter and Setter Member Functions (GenerateGetterSetter)
  • Move Definition {Outside Class, to file.cpp} (MoveFuncDefOutside)
  • Move Definition {to Class, to file.cpp} (MoveFuncDefToDecl)
  • Insert Virtual Functions of Base Classes (InsertVirtualMethods)