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Session Summary

Tim talks about running Qt Code inside the browser using Web Assembly

Session Owners

Morten Sorvig


by Marcus Tillmanns

  • Platform features supported today and "tomorrow"
    • Cookie support? Not out of the box, but you can call Javascript.
      • Calling javascript is done via emscripten API
    • QSettings is mapped to the browsers localstorage
    • Does QTemporaryFile work? It creates an in-memory file.
    • Saving and loading files only works via QFileDialog::getOpenFileContent / write...FileContent
  • Demo of Slate running in the browser
  • How is it tested?
    • "There is a test runner"
    • There are some tests in CI, its a work in progress
  • Plugins / dynamic loading
    • If it works, could LGPL be added to the license?
  • WebGPU - The state is flaky
    • Researched, but no real progress
    • Could we re-implement The WebGL streaming plugin in WebGPU
  • Connect to host other than original source host?
    • Maybe possible with correct XSS settings
  • WASI
    • Whats the state?
  • Dynamic linking demo
    • "Works" in dev and 6.6
      • works only in one example :)
    • Sharing might work between different domains