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“在1990年的夏天,Haavard [Nord]和Eirik [Chambe-Eng]一起工作于一个用于超声波图像方面的C++数据库应用程序。这个系统需要一个能够在Unix、Macintosh和Windows上都能运行的GUI。在那个夏天中的一天,Haavard和Eirik一起外出去享受阳光,当他们坐在公园的一条长椅上时,Haavard说:“我们需要一个面向对象的显示系统。”由此引发的讨论,为他们即将创建的面向对象的、跨平台的GUI框架奠定了智力基础。”[1]


1990 Qt conceived by Haarvard Nord and Eirik Chambe-Eng on a park bench in Trondheim, Norway.

1995 Troll Tech 1st public release on 20 May. Qt 0.90 for X11/Linux. Commercial & open source (FreeQt license)

1996 Customer no. 1: European Space Agency. Qt 1.0, full X11 support free for free software development plus Windows. KDE project established with Qt as its underlying library.

1998 KDE Free Qt Foundation: guarantees Qt availability for free software development

1999 Qt 2.0 - Qt/X11 open source with QPL (Q Public license)

2000 New Qt windowing system, Qt/Embedded, a.k.a. QWS & Qtopia Core. Both Qt/X11 & Qt/Embedded under GPL + commercial licenses. GPL v2 with Qt 2.2

2001 Qt 3.0 - "Multiple database environments, multiple languages, multiple monitors" with Mac OS X support & a new Qt Designer GUI builder

2005 Qt 4.0. Total makeover (a.k.a. compatibility break) under commercial & GPL 2.0 (or later) for all platforms even Windows (Qt 4 dance video published)

2006 Trolltech IPO. Greenphone developer smartphone. Qtopia in millions of devices worldwide from Sharp to Motorola.

2008 Nokia acquires Trolltech, "Qt Software at Nokia"

2009 Qt Creator launched and Qt 4.5 brought LGPL v2.1

2010 Qt Quick launched, WebKit integration & Symbian support in Qt 4.7

2011 Digia acquires Qt commercial licensing business. Qt Project. Nokia N9 - Nokia MeeGo "Harmattan" smartphone. Nokia changes smartphone platform strategy

2012 Digia acquires all right to Qt, "Digia, Qt". Qt 5.0 major overhaul, new modularized codebase, consolidation of QPA (Qt Platform Abstraction), Qt Quick 2, and more support for mobile (WinRT).

2013 Boot to Qt pre-built software stack & Qt WebEngine

2014 "Digia, Qt" becomes its own entity "The Qt Company", subsidiary of Digia

2015 20th anniversary of Qt's 1st public release. One Qt Site Unification completed. 800K+ Qt developers worldwide



  1. Blanchette, J & Summerfield, M. (2006). C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4. Prentice Hall.