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13. January 2022

  • General
  • Infra & Releases
    • Maintenance in the CI, still a few things to be improved.
    • New version of Gerrit is available as well.
    • 5.15.8 Commercial LTS was released
    • to be release soon, special version with Python 3.10 support
  • Bugs and Features
    • PYSIDE-1755 Fixing issues with __code__ (related to slots)
    • Improved documentation
    • Looking for new features for Shiboken
    • Working on improving the LSP story on QtCreator https://github.com/python-lsp/python-lsp-jsonrpc/issues/5
    • PYSIDE-1764 suggestion on avoid the generation/wrapping of methods within objects.
    • PYSIDE-1730 signal/method namespace crash, generated by old fixes on old bugs.
    • Add capacity/reserve functions to OpaqueContainers
    • QML references examples issues, to discover missing details on the qml interaction
    • Clarifying the conversion rules on the typesystem: native, target
    • PYSIDE-1768 and PYSIDE-1769 WebEngine issues were solved.
    • uic missing imports
    • PYSIDE-1751 equality test for signals is rewritten and working better
    • QXYSeries: adding missing addons to enable methods

06. January 2022

  • General
    • New bridge between Telegram <-> IRC
  • Infra & Release
    • Planning 5.15.2 new release ( to include Python 3.10 support.
    • 5.15.8 Commercial LTS to be release in the next couple of days.
    • 6.2.3 planned for 2022.01.18
  • Bugs & Features
    • PYSIDE-1755 __code__ inspection on slot connection is buggy (breaks, e.g. MagicMock testing)
    • Ported new examples QRegularExpression editor and MimeTypes
    • Research to get new Shiboken features
    • Updating translations
    • In progress enabling qmllint in pyside project thanks to an external tool
    • Addressing signal issues for different use-cases, multiple inheritance
      • There is a relation with PyPy issues as well
    • PYSIDE-1760 Racing condition without virtual environments (preloading setuptools)
    • true_property issues were solved.
    • continue work to have a more modular pyside installation with more wheels
    • research on manylinux compatibility