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Qt for iOS known issues in 5.4.0

  • Qt requires iPhoneOS.8.0.sdk and Xcode 6 (or newer) to be installed, and qmake will inform if this is not the case.

After installing latest version of Xcode you might still get a warning about the current Xcode version being too old. The solution is to remove .qmake.stash inside your build folder before re-running qmake.

  • Line edits inside dialogs might not be able to get focus and bring up the keyboard. The solution is to

call QWidget::activateWindow() on the dialog after it has been shown.

  • QQuickWidget and QOpenGLWidget are not yet supported on iOS.

Qt for iOS known issues in 5.3.1

Qt Positioning

Linking of position based applications fails due to an incorrect CLASS_NAME. For more details and a temporary workaround see QTBUG-39843. The fix can be tracked via https://codereview.qt.io/#/c/88290/ .

Qt for iOS known issues in 5.3.0

Qt Creator

  • When switching from simulator to device in insource building you should not import the old build settings (QTCREATORBUG-11067)

Qt for iOS known issues in 5.2.x

  • Known and open bugs

Building / running

  • Imports in JavaScript files are not picked up automatically by QML import scanner (QTBUG-35349) Workaround is to manually add the required library in the project file, eg
    LIBS += -L/Users/torarne/build/qt/5.2-ios/qtbase/qml/QtQuick/LocalStorage -lqmllocalstorageplugin
and then init the static library in one of your source files using eg
  • Default plugins for a module is not added automatically Modules like QtSQL and QtMultimedia have backend plugins that are required for the module to work, and where the plugin is the only alternative on the platform. Qt does not add this plugin automatically (QTBUG-35195), so it has to be added manually in the project file, eg for QtSql:
    QTPLUGIN+= qsqlite

Qt Creator

  • Debugging on device has a slow startup (QTCREATORBUG-10884)
  • Changing the shadow build directory does not update the run path (just in the ui, the correct one is used) (QTCREATORBUG-11080)
  • When switching from simulator to device in insource building you should not import the old build settings (QTCREATORBUG-11067)

Qt Quick 2

  • Using the Drag attached property causes crash. Drag and drop is not supported on iOS in 5.2, and the QML2 implementation of the property does not handle a platform that doesn't support DnD.


  • Examples do not compile for iOS if they are located in a non-iOS Qt tree. If you are using Qt Creator, you need to explicitly select the iOS Qt version from the combo box in the examples browser before opening and compiling the example for iOS.


  • "QIOSBackingStore needs to have the same size as its window"
  • Slow startup (due to font loading) (see also QTBUG-35704 )
  • "This plugin does not support propagateSizeHints()"


  • Crashes: Program received signal SIGSYS, Bad system call. 0x3b23bbe4 in semget ()


  • Doesnt rotate after rotating to landingscape


  • Unable to save index.html, permission denied


  • full screen line edit, no place for suggestions


  • no configurations, probably missing plugin




  • only one out of 4 windows show up
  • lots of "QIOSBackingStore needs to have the same size as its window"


  • "QOpenGLContext::swapBuffers() called with non-exposed window, behavior is undefined"


  • "This demo needs the SQLITE driver"

drilldown, cachedtable, relationaltablemodel, sqlwidgetmapper, masterdetail, querymodel, tablemodel:

  • "QSqlDatabase: QSQLITE driver not loaded"


  • resizes on startup

knobs, fingerpaint:

  • halts when using system gestures


  • layout way too big for screen, retina issue?


  • Crashes at startup due to QWidget synchronous resize logic


  • "QPixmap::scaled: Pixmap is a null pixmap"


  • no system tray detected (TODO: use notification center)


  • interaction between line edits not ideal, have to tap twice something we have to look at

draggabletext, fridgemagnets, puzzle:

  • Drag'n'drop not supported in Qt 5.2


  • shadow is clipped


  • missing fade button


  • Drag'n'drop not supported in 5.2


  • text not inside window and too big
  • text does not move properly when window is moved


  • child graphics-view items completely busted


  • text becomes gray boxes when dragging container