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The page is a quick start guide for all those who are interested in using Qt on QNX Neutrino OS, have some feedback or even like to join the development of Qt running QNX Neutrino OS.

Is Qt on QNX Neutrino OS something special?

Well, yes and no… :-) "Yes", since Qt is already and use and runs in countless projects using QNX across many industries. This adoption is unique for an RTOS and is even getting close to the position of embedded Linux.

"No", since Qt on QNX Neutrino OS is the same Qt as you know on any other platform. It is developed in open source via QtProject and is also available under a commercial license from The Qt Company. Several companies provide support and professional services.

Qt has been ported to QNX quite some while ago, in the version 4.6 in 2009. QNX developers and KDAB had created an initial port of Qt5 before 5.0 was released and before the QNX Screen Graphics Subsystem became a part of the regular QNX platform releases in SDP 6.6. Today, there is a team in QNX and many other active members in the Qt community taking care of Qt on QNX on regular basis and evolving it.

Get it

QNX Neutrino OS is not an off-the-shelf software package, it is a solution for embedded development. Qt is a part of this solution. Your initial steps beyond an evaluation should be contacting QNX and The Qt Company regarding licensing and other companies in the Qt ecosystem regarding professional services.

Starting from Qt 5.3, The Qt Company provides binary installers for for Qt on QNX for Qt Enterprise customers. Contact The Qt Company to get Qt Enterprise evaluation for QNX.

Some customers started with Qt quite some time ago and initially used Qt under (L)GPL. Those customers can download binary installers for for Qt on QNX under (L)GPL via this link (link TBD).

You certainly can build Qt on your own, see this page for instructions.

Use it

Using Qt on QNX is not much different than on any other mobile or embedded system, see this page for more details.

Qt on QNX currently uses the "applications and media sample" OS image and QNX Car2 platform as reference targets. Many QNX customers build their own, custom target OS images. There are a few details to keep in mind when it comes to Qt running on such custom systems. A few key aspects will be outlined later, please contact QNX and other partner companies for details.

Join the community

We see the Qt on QNX community as a part of the Qt community. Please check the which lists all related wiki pages.

QNX runs a dedicated project on Foundry 27 for Qt to cover QNX platform specific topics going beyond the standard scope of Qt.

Join the #qt-qnx IRC channel on http://freenode.net/