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Qt on Raspberry Pi — Collaborate

Mailing Lists

We use QtonPi mailing list to support our users and also do our development. As outlined in the Qt Open Governace Model, all decisions are taken on the Mailing Lists. We urge you to sign up on the mailing list and participate!

You can also find the previous mailing list archives here:

IRC Channel

You can come by and say Hello! to us on,

  • IRC (chat.freenode.net): #qt-onpi

Gerrit / Gitorious

Please contribute using Gerrit, as you would do for the rest of Qt Project. All QtonPi repositories use prefix qtonpi/* on codereview.qt.io. Once you're ready to submit your contributions, you can find Approvers here.

We also regularly sync QtonPi Gerrit repositories on Qt Gitorious. You can find them here.

Bug Reports / Feature Requests

Please use QtonPi JIRA to submit Bug Reports and Feature Requests. You can find the link here.