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You probably got here by clicking the "Report a problem" link in the footer of - if not, you can leave now.

These are the instructions for contacting the admins of the bug tracking system itself. They do not apply in the following situations:

  • Any problems with Qt or related products. If you want to report a bug/file a suggestion, log in and hit the "Create Issue" button. If you just need help, go to our user forums or mailing lists.
  • JIRA Account creation. You can do that yourself by creating a Qt Account.
  • Changing the details (full name, email, or password) of your account - go to instead.
  • Reporting issues in JIRA itself that do not make it unusable (for you) - file an issue against the "Qt Bugtracking Interface" product instead.

Good reasons to contact us are:

  • Email address update requests, if you lost your password and do not have access to the configured email account any more. Note that we'll need reasonable proof that the account belongs to you.
  • JIRA/Gerrit account re-mapping requests, if you want to consolidate your accounts.
  • Account deletion requests. Note that we do not delete accounts that had activity. We also cannot rename accounts.
  • Issue deletion requests, e.g., if you leaked confidential information.

If you got one of these, send a mail to jira-admin (at)