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SCALE = Southern California Linux Expo

10X is happening in Los Angeles on January 20-22



Qt Project


  • Blackberry Playbook.
  • HTC Evo 4G.
  • Nokia N9 with Qt 5 running.
  • Raspberry Pi with QtonPi + monitor + keyboard.
  • Roku player + monitor + remote.


More volunteers are welcome. The more we have the easier is for anybody to take shifts. Don't worry, you won't be given any critical mission. Please consider, and think also that you will get free registration as booth staff.


  • 67 - ICS

ICS will be there primarily to recruit Qt engineers in Southern California. They will encourage show attendees to visit all the Qt-related booths to learn about how Qt is being used, then return to the ICS booth for a free gift.

ICS will be showing raspberry pi and donating a raspberry pi to the SCALE raffle.

ICS will be hosting a "tablet touch-off" where show attendees can try various Qt-based touch-screen interfaces (e.g. Ubuntu Unity, KDE Plasma Active, 4tiitoo WeTab, etc.)

Other Qt-related booths at SCALE


Will you be around? Add yourself to the list and see you there!