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This link is not reachable (inserted in the command): git clone ssh://

ubunutu 22.04 could not find libgst-dev

Errors in the page

Following are the errors found in the step-by-step guide:

1. In the command: mkdir qt-host qt-raspi qthost-build qtpi-build, folder created is 'qthost-build' whereas later folder name is 'qt-hostbuild'.

2. In the command: rsync -avzS --rsync-path="rsync" --delete <pi_username>@<pi_ip_address>:/lib* rpi-sysroot/lib, the correction is 'pi_ip_address>:/lib/*'.(Forward Slash is missing).

3. Commands:'mkdir usr' and 'mkdir opt' are repeated unnecessarily as these folders are already created earlier by the command 'mkdir rpi-sysroot rpi-sysroot/usr rpi-sysroot/opt' on the host machine.

4. Command: 'cd $HOME/rpi-sysroot' is not needed as the following rsync commands do not work in the 'rpi-sysroot' folder.

5. The file location of "toolchain.cmake" is not clearly mentioned. It is to be saved in 'Home' folder.