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Hi all,

I used the Qt Documentations for creating an installer for my Qt app using Qt Installer Framework. I think I'm at the final step. Please have a look at the issue:

I have a package_directory folder on my Windows Desktop with these sub-folders. The config.xml file contains this. The data subfolder contains the data.7z file. I created a licens.txt file on my Desktop. The meta subfolder contains a package.xml file with this content.

Then I created a folder named Result on my Desktop and pasted the Cal.exe file from the Release folder onto it. And finally Ran the following command: C:\Qt\QtIFW2.0.3\bin\binarycreator.exe -c C:\Users\CS\Desktop\package_directory\config\config.xml -p C:\Users\CS\Desktop\package_directory\packages C:\Users\CS\Desktop\Result\Cal.exe Bold text

The installer was created but I got an issue about the Name tag as follows:

[1] Warning: The <Name> tag in the 'C:/Users/CS/Desktop/package_directory/packag es/com.vendor.product/meta/package.xml' is ignored - the installer uses the path element right before the 'meta' ('com.vendor.product'). C:\Qt\QtIFW2.0.3\bin>

Should I ignore it? If not how to solve it, too, please?

And also, the installer file exists in the Result folder on Desktop. When I install it and select a folder on Start Menu (say Accessories or Start Up) to have the shortcut of the program, no shortcut with be created or saved there!! :(

What is the reason for that problem and how should I solve it please?