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  • Usually known as Eddy (also aliased as User:Eddy).
  • Started as a developer at Qt in 2015/September, in the Oslo office.
    • In the Core and Networking team.
    • Default assignee for QDateTime, QTimeZone, QLocale and related parts of core.
    • Dabbled in qmake, qdoc and a few other stray corners.
    • Fairly active on Gerrit, keeping reviews moving forward.
  • Online CV
  • Own web-site (mostly mathematics and physics)
  • On GitHub (some python and remnants of a past job)

Before having anything to do with dates, times or time-zones, I recommend any developer to attend to this chap. He gets a few details a bit off, but has the basic story spot on. It may all seem simple at first, but you'll soon enough wish you had delegated it all to someone else's library instead of re-inventing the wheel.