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Article improvement

Hi, and welcome to the Qt Wiki! Thank you for your contributions, Building Qt-4.8.7 and qtwebkit-2.3.4 Separately with VS2012 on Windows and Building QScintilla framework on Mac OS X. Could you please address the following issues in your articles?:

  • The articles need proper formatting. See Build Qt for Tizen for an example.
  • Qt WebKit 2.3.4 is an unofficial version by KDE (see ). It is not the same as the official version released by the Qt Project. Please make this clear in your article.
  • Qt Creator 2.8 is very old and no longer supported. Please update your instructions for Qt Creator 3.5 (it still works for Qt 4.8)

Thanks! --JKSH (talk) 12:07, 25 August 2015 (UTC)