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This demo simulates a weather forecast view and has a more complex application logic. All the app elements are separated into QtQuick components and they can be reused as many times as needed. This demonstrates how flexible a QtQuick app can be.

This app uses two ListViews and lots of components that form each list item. Its structure looks like RadioTuner's, but it is a bit more organized. All weather components and elements are inside the forecast folder. Each type of weather (Fog, Cloudy, Storm …) inherits ForecastView that is an Item flexible enough to accept different background images or different city labels.

The next step on this app would be try to load real data on it. Instead of using the fixed ListModel you could load the Yahoo! Weather XML, for example, and organize the data to create the same list, but using real cities and real forecast. This could be a good exercise for a QtQuick learner.

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