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Coffee Tweed Demo


This is a simple app created to show how states and transitions work on QtQuick. It is a daily coffee cup counter; each time you press the add button you see an animation of a cup falling and a number decreasing, complete with a fade-out and fade-in.

CoffeeTweed can work also as an introduction to Component Oriented Programming using QtQuick. Cup, Button and Tray are the demo’s main components that are declared on a main file. An example of its simplicity is demonstrated when a Button is clicked. It is just a Cup state changing through JavaScript. The animation between states is defined inside the Cup component.

To build on this demo, you could try to create persistent data, add a field to define the maximum number of coffees to be consumed each day or create a button that would start the counting all over again. This would be an interesting exercise for you to learn more about states, transitions and databases in QtQuick.


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NOTE: Installing this Qt Quick demo app on your Symbian^3 device will also install a beta version of Qt 4.7.1 which may cause the Ovi Store client or other Qt-based applications to fail. Until we update the apps with Qt 4.7.2 we advise you to not use your personal phone.

If you have installed the Qt Quick demo apps and consequently Qt 4.7.1 onto your device and want to uninstall the apps and downgrade Qt follow these instructions.