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Help on using the Forum

Our forum is located at

Before asking a question

  • Make sure that the question or comment you have, hasn't been already asked. Use the search field on the top right of the screen for this purpose.
  • You could search by tags too
  • There are over 400 FAQs covering many topics already
  • Browse the various forums already available and post your new thread under relevant forum.
  • The forum home page has a brief description on each of the available forums, if not sure post it in "General and Desktop".
  • Use the preview to check your edits before you save unless you are 120% sure that you never make mistakes.
  • Post subsequent or related questions in a new thread (you can refer the old one), this way one thread per question. Again easy to search later


In the topic and reply headers you'll find a host of functions. Following, flagging for moderation and favouriting for later looking at are all the bread and butter of forums. Next to those you'll find the voting buttons, up, 0, down. (down only if you have been around for a while)

Use the up button to say thanks to the poster. These votes impact the reputation of the poster. And we want to know who provides good answers. Votes on a topic can also be used to find hot topics and searching. Use the down button to signify that the post is off topic or otherwise not good content.

Posting topics

When you post a topic, please use tags. Tags are a wonderful way to find things later on. Check which category you should be posting to. There is a huge number of categories here.

The editor

The editor accepts markdown. You can find cheat sheets on the web.

The most important tags to remember are:

  1. makes a heading, ## makes a sub-heading

The triple backtick ``` marks the start and end of a code block. (the highlighter will try to guess the language, but you can force it by writing cplusplus or js or something on the same line as the three backticks) A single backtick ` marks the start and end of a code snippet A star * will create lists Numbered lists are made with numbering the lines 1. 2. 3. and so on Indents in lists are two spaces at the start of the line The backslash \ will let you escape characters, if you want to write a * at the start of a line for instance.

Marking a thread as solved

After you get a satisfactory answer, please go and vote the answer up and select the topic as solved from the 'Topic Tools' menu under your original post.