Play Audio File Using Qt Mobility

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This article shows how to play audio file using QMediaPlayer from Qt Mobility 1.1.

Project Configuration

Modify the project configuration .pro file by including Qt Mobility support:

CONFIG += mobility MOBILITY+= multimedia

Source Code

  • .h

Include required headers:

  1. include <QMediaPlayer>

Declare slot and private members: private slots:

void statusChanged(QMediaPlayer::MediaStatus status);


QMediaPlayer m_pPlayer;


Play a file located on the device: m_pPlayer = new QMediaPlayer(this); connect(m_pPlayer, SIGNAL (positionChanged(qint64)), this, SLOT (statusChanged(qint64))); //Select a file m_pPlayer->setMedia(QUrl::fromLocalFile("e:SoundsDigitalGirl_Rules.mp3")); //Set the volume m_pPlayer->setVolume(50); m_pPlayer->play();

Implement the declared slot: void MainWindow::statusChanged(QMediaPlayer::MediaStatus status) {

if ( (QMediaPlayer::LoadedMedia == status) && m_pPlayer)