Profiling and Memory Checking Tools

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Tools for Profiling and Memory Checking

This is a collection of tools for profiling and memory checking. It’s mostly a summary of programs/libraries mentioned in the forums, notably in threads “Advice on checking for memory leaks and dangling resources?”/forums/viewthread/1924 and Other tools for Qt Development.

Linux, Mac OS X

Valgrind is the tool of choice for analyzing a variety of issues on Linux and Mac OS X. It uses individual tools for specific analysis like profiling and memory checking. Qt Creator’s Analyze mode integrates Valgrind, and provides both memory checking and profiling functionality from within the IDE. Valgrind needs to be installed for that to work. Valgrind is not available on Windows, but since memory issues are usually not platform dependent, analysis can be done on Linux or Mac OS X as well.


  • AQTime [] (commercial)
    can detect memory leaks, but is mainly for profiling
  • Bounds Checker []
  • Deleaker [] (commercial) detects memory, GDI and other leaks
  • Dr.Memory [] (Open-source memory monitoring tool)
  • Intel Parallel Inspector [] (commercial)
  • Luke Stackwalker [] (Open-source CPU profiler based on sampling)
  • Rational Purify [] (commercial)
  • Visual Leak Detector []
  • Very Sleepy [] (Open-source CPU profiler based on sampling)
  • Visual Studio Profiler (up to VS 2010 only in the ultimate version, VS 11 will have it in the professional version)