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This is a page dedicated to PySide (Qt4). For recent development on PySide2 (Qt5) and PySide6 (Qt6) refer to Qt for Python

Simple Demo Applications

The following links are small and simple applications written in PySide. Feel free to study them and learn how PySide applications are developed.

PySide comes with a plenty of example applications, illustrating the usage and functionality of different Qt functionality and concepts from Python. The examples are organized into topical subdirectories within the current directory. To browse and run the examples, change to the relevant directory and run the example there, either on the command line or by using your favourite file manager.

The majority of the examples have been ported as-is from PyQt, in which case the original boilerplates have been retained. Hence, although PySide itself is licensed under LGPLv2.1, most of the examples are licensed under GPLv2. We have tried to ensure that every example works with PySide. If you experience unexpected results when running any of the examples, PLEASE report the issue at PySide Bugzilla. This will greatly help us improve the quality of PySide future releases.

Combining PySide with other Open Source Software

Open Source Software Developed in PySide