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QtQuick 1 vs QtQuick

work in progress

The idea of this wiki page is to have a "some how" porting guide for customers, having a Qt 4.8/QtQuick 1 application, to get a Qt5/QtQuick 2 application. The focus is on the QML part, not the c++ part. What are new elements, which elements are deprecated, what needs to be changed.

ideas from Girish:

  1. The change in javascript engines.
  2. What's changed in the js syntax in QML2 (if any)
  3. C++ api changes - like how does we create items these days? How is it different from QML1
  4. Dependency on GLES2 unlike QML1

For porting an existing QtQuick 1 application to QtQuick 2 and make use of new features of QtQuick 2, there are some changes in the QML files necessary, which are listed below.

. QtQuick 2 | import QtQuick 2.0| import QtQuick.Particles 2.0| import QtQuick 2.0| import QtQuick.XmlListModel 2.0| import QtLocation 5.0| import QtSensors 5.0| import QtSystemInfo 5.0 | import QtMultimedia 5.0 | ./qmlscene |

For a more detailed list of changes in QtQuick 2, see What's New in Qt Quick 2

See also the Qt documentation's porting guide

A description, how to port your Qt 4.x application to Qt 5 is here

New QML elements in QtQuick2:

QML element not available in QtQuick 2 anymore: