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Qt Contributors Summit sponsorship

See also Our sponsors.

Any companies interested in the development of Qt and the health of the Qt Project are encouraged to contribute to the event budget itself. From now on the budget of the event is fully covered by sponsors – and that covers Nokia as well (former sole organizer and funder).

The deadline for accepting sponsors is May 18, 2012. After that we will start producing the printed materials.

The casual but hopefully effective approach we are taking for this Qt Project community event is to share all the budget information between potential sponsors. This way you can see in real time what expenses are we planning to have and how we plan to cover them.

There is a "Sponsorship packages" sheet below where the 4 sponsorship levels are described. It goes from S to XL, from 1.500€ almost any company contributing to Qt can afford to 40k for someone like Nokia (or 2×20k if there is another company that wants to share the pole position).

QtCS 2012 sponsorship packages

Sponsorship packages can give you invitations to the event. This is also a way for corporate Qt users (but not contributors at this point) to get one or more passes and support the event at the same time.

Expecting a budget of around 80.000€ and 225 participants, these are the best numbers we came up with. We are talking roughly about 73.000€ fixed costs, plus a flexible additional budget for sponsoring travel costs of independent / non-###### developers. If you have suggestions to improve the budget or the packages do let us know. As you see, your role for this event is more of a community participant than a simple sponsor.

If you are interested in sponsoring, Quim Gil (event organizer) can give you access to the Qt Contributors Summit budget. We welcome your questions and suggestions.

Thank you very much for your interest supporting Qt Contributors Summit!