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  1. CMake files can be used elegantly for all platforms and most Qt configurations (shared/static/mac-framework/cross-compiles), especially with CMake 2.8.11
  2. # Recent features in CMake and Qt 5.1 implement ‘target usage requirements’ http://community.kde.org/Frameworks/Epics/CMake_target_usage_requirements
  3. # https://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qtbase/blobs/dev/tests/auto/cmake/test_interface/CMakeLists.txt
  4. Qt CI tests the CMake files in many scenarios in the build and install locations.
  5. Upcoming features in CMake upstream make using static Qt builds more elegant
  6. # A file needs to be generated whenever QtGui is used which loads the platform plugin (for qmake feature-parity). This will be automatic.
  7. # Support for multiple toolchains and proper sysroot handling will make using Qt in cross-compile scenarios more easy.
  8. CMake toolchain files for all platforms will be generated while building Qt: https://codereview.qt.io/#change,53858
  9. CMake functionality is growing ever-more declarative
  1.      find_package(Qt4)
  2.      find_package(Qt5Core)
  4.      qt4_generate_moc(myfile.h moc_myfile.cpp TARGET qt4_foo) # Note, qt5_foo target doesn't
  5.                                                           # exist until below.
  7.      qt5_generate_moc(myfile.h moc_myfile.cpp TARGET qt5_foo) # Note, qt5_foo target doesn't
  8.                                                           # exist until below.
  10.      add_library(qt4_foo ...)
  11.      add_library(qt5_foo ...)
  1. Use of CMake is growing more declarative. Ie from
  1. set(srcs foo.cpp)
  2. if (WIN32)
  3.   list(APPEND srcs foo_win.cpp)
  4. endif()
  5. add_library(foolib ${srcs})
  6. target_link_libraries(foolib bar)
  7. if (UNIX)
  8.   target_link_libraries(foolib unixlib)  
  9. endif()


  1. add_library(foolib
  2.   foo.cpp
  3.   $<$<PLATFORM_ID:WIN32>:foo_win.cpp>
  4. )
  5. target_link_libraries(foolib
  6.   bar
  7.   $<$<PLATFORM_ID:UNIX>:unixlib>
  8. )

in version 2.8.13.

  1. CMake might replace its current language with a more-declarative one (Lua).


  1. Improve Creator CMake support
  2. Complete the cross compiling features upstream
  3. Implement CPack generator for BB10 bar files.
  4. Implement UI in creator to create packages in all formats known to CPack