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Released version 1.0.

replacing qmake for Qt:

bootstrapping qbs:

  • current dependencies: QtCore, QtConcurrent, QtScript
  • Ossi volunteered to tackle the bootstrapping issue
  • QtScript could maybe replaced by v4m
  • Qt bootstrap libs do not support qobjects or qtconcurrent
  • Maybe replace bootstrap lib altogether with a static build?

Ideas for language:

  • Why isn’t e.g. cpp dependency built in / depends on file suffix? This would allow a product to depend e.g. on variable file list
  • Does qbs right now support the generation of an unknown number of files out of one file (and process these further)? No, not yet. This problem is similar to moc support which is currently hard-wired into qbs.

Is qbs any more toolable than qmake, if you allow arbitrary js in properties?

  • common use cases are easily toolable
  • complicated parts must be edited manually