Qt59 release testing

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Please add your name when starting to test certain package so others are aware whom to ask or share findings.

Put OK (tester_name), if the package seems to be OK, or NOK (tester_name), if not. Remember to use JIRA for bug reporting! You can also add bug ID in addition to name/OK/NOK Due to build process reasons installers are from different builds with different build number for Linux, Mac and Windows platforms. If build content for those platform is same then build identifiers are on same column.

Platform Version #




Linux x64
Android on Linux x64
Android on macOS
Android on Windows
MSVC 2013 x64
MSVC 2015 x86
MSVC 2015 x64
MSVC 2017 x86
MSVC 2017 x64
UWP on MSVC2015
UWP on MSVC2017