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Qt Solutions discussion at Qt Contributors Summit 2019


  • There is a repo qt-solutions which has some BSD-licensed useful stuff from Qt 4: (QtSingleApplication, QtPropertyBrowser as used in Designer, Qt Service. Qt MFC Migration) and some historically interesting things: QtSoap, QtScriptClassic and Qt (Netscape) Browser plugin
  • In addition, many useful classes have evolved in Qt Creator (PathNameLineEdit, etc)
  • The old repo should be left as is
  • They could be published on the market place
  • Python bindings could be offered for things like the QtPropertyBrowser
  • Should be considered on a case-by-case basis based on whether a commitment is made. Find some sort of repo, ideally in the standard Qt repo

Other Topics

  • QLCDNumber, QDial are kind of dated, should they be deprecated?