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13. February 2020

  • CI updates
    • Windows package signing will be possible, hopefully soon.
  • Documentation updates
    • Example gallery
    • WebChannel example merged,
  • Python 3.8 changes on Windows are still being tackled.
  • Bugs
    • PYSIDE-803 status: A patch waiting for review is there, but we need to combine it with the other solutions we currently have. Still, there are some corner cases where the problem is not properly solved.
    • qApp issues to be solved, but we will remove the import features. qApp will remain as a built-in.
  • OKRS 1Q/2020

6. February 2020

  • CI status and issues with the Qt provisioning 5.12
    • 5.12.7 release will take more time to add new features.
    • 5.14 has some issues with OpenGLFunctions.
  • Documentation: Interest for the new shiboken2 documentation structure and usage of the ApiExtractor.
  • Python 3.8 compatibility with older branches.
  • Updates on PYSIDE-803 link
  • Suggestion about iterations a-la-python https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/PYSIDE-1216
  • Events
    • Qt World Summit 2020 Palm Springs
    • PyCon US

30. January 2020

  • 5.14.1 release rolling
  • Work on PYSIDE-1204
  • Work on PYSIDE-1191 PySide2 5.14 source now builds against Qt 5.12 as well
  • Further research on PYSIDE-803
    • full instrumentation of generated source for tracing,
    • discovery of new hooks to support. Still in flux.
  • Fixed some issues of Python 3.8 (most prominently warnings about implicit conversion to integers for QFlags), will be fixed in 5.14.2
  • qApp macro PYSIDE-1178 PYSIDE-1158 PYSIDE-1135 finally closed. One cleanup check in may follow.

23. January 2020

  • Fix for CI/macOS problem is in, but it requires some merges in Qt5. Until all required merges are done, we will use Qt5 5.14.1 with Qt For Python 5.14
  • Research on PYSIDE-803
  • Proposed an "until" attribute for typesystem files to make it possible to build Pyside 5.14 against Qt 5.12 PYSIDE-1195
  • Improved the view of compare app for PYSIDE-803
  • Analysis of PyQt5 and SIP implementation

16. January 2020

  • CI/macOS problems are being worked.
  • qApp fix waiting to be merged.
  • first attempts to tackle PYSIDE-803
  • Python 3.8 fix to old branches is required for distributions using 5.12 LTS like Conda.
  • Working on Q_ENUM support.
  • Viewer for PYSIDE-803 is ready to try. Please check out https://git.qt.io/playground/pyside-compare.git and give feedback.

9. January 2020

  • PYSIDE-803 needs to be tackled soon, it's critical, and we cannot carry that into Qt6.
  • Python 3.8.1 on Windows has some issues while building.
  • qApp macro changes discussion.
  • documentation updates are still pending.
  • with the release of 5.14 we have been fixing many details from uic's Python support.
  • designer's RUNPATH needed to be patched, waiting for approval,
  • A modular way of packing wheels is being studied.
  • Re-take the Python extensions for QtCreator project evaluation.