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13. February 2020

  • CI updates
    • Windows package signing
  • Documentation updates
    • Example gallery?
  • Bugs
    • PYSIDE-803 status
  • OKRS 1Q/2020

6. February 2020

  • CI status and issues with the Qt provisioning 5.12
    • 5.12.7 release will take more time to add new features.
    • 5.14 has some issues with OpenGLFunctions.
  • Documentation: Interest for the new shiboken2 documentation structure and usage of the ApiExtractor.
  • Python 3.8 compatibility with older branches.
  • Updates on PYSIDE-803 link
  • Suggestion about iterations a-la-python https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/PYSIDE-1216
  • Events
    • Qt World Summit 2020 Palm Springs
    • PyCon US

30. January 2020

  • 5.14.1 release rolling
  • Work on PYSIDE-1204
  • Work on PYSIDE-1191 PySide2 5.14 source now builds against Qt 5.12 as well
  • Further research on PYSIDE-803
    • full instrumentation of generated source for tracing,
    • discovery of new hooks to support. Still in flux.
  • Fixed some issues of Python 3.8 (most prominently warnings about implicit conversion to integers for QFlags), will be fixed in 5.14.2
  • qApp macro PYSIDE-1178 PYSIDE-1158 PYSIDE-1135 finally closed. One cleanup check in may follow.

23. January 2020

  • Fix for CI/macOS problem is in, but it requires some merges in Qt5. Until all required merges are done, we will use Qt5 5.14.1 with Qt For Python 5.14
  • Research on PYSIDE-803
  • Proposed an "until" attribute for typesystem files to make it possible to build Pyside 5.14 against Qt 5.12 PYSIDE-1195
  • Improved the view of compare app for PYSIDE-803
  • Analysis of PyQt5 and SIP implementation

16. January 2020

  • CI/macOS problems are being worked.
  • qApp fix waiting to be merged.
  • first attempts to tackle PYSIDE-803
  • Python 3.8 fix to old branches is required for distributions using 5.12 LTS like Conda.
  • Working on Q_ENUM support.
  • Viewer for PYSIDE-803 is ready to try. Please check out https://git.qt.io/playground/pyside-compare.git and give feedback.

9. January 2020

  • PYSIDE-803 needs to be tackled soon, it's critical, and we cannot carry that into Qt6.
  • Python 3.8.1 on Windows has some issues while building.
  • qApp macro changes discussion.
  • documentation updates are still pending.
  • with the release of 5.14 we have been fixing many details from uic's Python support.
  • designer's RUNPATH needed to be patched, waiting for approval,
  • A modular way of packing wheels is being studied.
  • Re-take the Python extensions for QtCreator project evaluation.