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26. January 2023

  • Infra & Releases
    • Fixed issues with Windows signing
  • Bugs & Features
    • Fixed PYSIDE-2204 qt.conf encoding
    • Fixed bugs in pyside6-metaobjectdump (QML) PYSIDE-2202 , PYSIDE-2203
    • PYSIDE-2194: Possibly requires refactoring of QLowEnergyController to use the new WinRT API, instead of COM API
    • Android Deployment - Patches incoming to automate cross compilation to produce android wheels
    • Overhaul of Signal/SignalInstance
      • Implement Weak Reference Handling
      • PYSIDE-2201 Handle early destruction of the object better
      • PYSIDE-79 Trying to finally fix the reference leak using weakref.
    • Alternative approach to Anaconda issue: Register internal qt6.conf with site-packages prefix (still WIP).
    • WIP: Implement class QtAsyncIoEventLoop(asyncio.AbstractEventLoop) that wraps around Qt's event loop to enable Qt + asyncio.
    • Memory leak with current asyncio example (or space leak?)

19. January 2023

  • General
    • Hackathon in TQtC
    • The WebAssembly PySide Team was almost doubled in size (+1 brain, +1 hand)
  • Infra & Releases
    • Windows signing to be improved.
    • LTS releases into oss repo: some issues appeared but will be merged soon.
  • Bugs & Features
    • PYSIDE-1994: De-virtualization of Shiboken embedded Python files is now an option controlled dynamically by SBK_EMBED
      • PYSIDE-1019: A dormant __feature__ initialization timing problem was fixed while implementing de-virtualization
    • PYSIDE-1735: De-coupling of old and new enums was started
    • PYSIDE-1564: Debugging of multiple inheritance continues
    • Fixed some bluetooth functions in PySide6.
    • Low Energy Scanner Example
    • PYSIDE-2194: Progressing with this. Definitely a thread issue which allow-thread doesn't seem to fix.
    • Possible solution for problems with PySide6 inside conda (compat package with qt6.conf file), but investigating if best solution

12. January 2023

  • General
    • Next week is Hackathon, meeting will be shorter
    • Discussion on how to gather information, and sharing material around Qt for Python
  • Infra & Releases
    • 6.5 RC planning -> feature freeze for PySide
    • 6.4.2 was released last Monday
    • CMake Jumbo builds issue with Windows signing
    • LTS branches to land in pyside-setup soon
  • Bugs & Features
    • Async examples: addressing memory leak and cpu usage due to the event loop interactions
    • Review conda packaging story and PySide6
    • De-virtualization of Python files: still some issues
    • Incompatibility with pywin32: __feature__ related when trying to check if the ext module uses PySide. Also related to an issue with the inspect module.
    • Installing PySide6.support via CMake (was previously not considered)
    • Work continues on the multiple inheritance issues related to classes based on QObject
    • locate issues related to to* methods
    • std::array support in shiboken (still in progress)
    • fixing imports in matplotlib examples
    • adaptation to 6.5
    • splitting shiboken generator source to its own
    • Android deployment works - tested on Widget applications
    • Fixing QTBUG-109510 leading to discovering issues with certain functions in PySide6. Being fixed.

5. January 2023

  • General
    • Next monday CI maintenance
    • OKRs
  • Infra & Releases
    • 5.15.12 LTS, 6.2.7 LTS released
    • Open Source LTS releases to be moved to the pyside-setup
    • 6.4 CI hanging, issues on lts-5.15 due to Python
    • 6.4.2 to be release in the following days
  • Bugs & Features
    • PYSIDE-1931 SQL issue regarding allow-thread
    • helping 6.5 translations
    • Adaptations with 6.5
    • QSharedPointer -> std::shared_ptr attempt
    • research on adding std::span into shiboken
    • PYSIDE-2160 properties qml types issues
    • Tutorials language review
    • Android research continues
    • QTBUG-109510 BTLE issue on pyside