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8. February 2024

  • General
    • We got a PyConDE 2024 talk accepted (python -> android deployment)!
  • Infra & Releases
    • Addressing some issues with the android wheels
    • 6.6.2 got delayed until next week
    • Preparing for the 6.7 switch on dev
  • Bugs & Features
    • macOS: permission api patches ready for review
    • singleShot patches merged
    • Lazy initialization was finished, and ready for discussion.
    • Check compatibility with the new REST module (from Qt/C++)
    • Preparations for 6.7 continues.

1. February 2024

  • General
    • Interest from KDE to enable flatpak packages (maybe base pyside app).
    • Discussion on adding more tutorials of specific functionality.
    • CI Maintenance Break next Monday (first Monday of each month)
  • Infra & Releases
    • no unity build discussion and checks
    • 6.6.2 to be released next week.
    • More granularity on the commercial wheels: shiboken wizard wheel.
  • Bugs & Features
    • singleShot timer implementation (to use underlying c++ impl) - still an issue with a context object, and a signal as a functor. A new QObject::connect might handle the situation. More changes to come in order to fix newly discovered issues.
    • Android: using the master branch on python-for-android, and other changes related for macOS deployment.
    • PYSIDE-2597 optimization for the deployment procedure
    • Lazy initialization: works continues, and it's looking good. 13 bugs to go on lazy mode. The new implementation seems to be working better.
    • 6.7 adaptation still in progress (many changes from Qt)
    • General documentation adjustments
    • Improvements on shiboken: better error messages
    • Qt Namespaces compatibility attempts.
    • Moving away from a couple of setup.py options towards pyproject.toml after upgrading 'build' to 1.0.x
    • Design Studio compatibility wheel work continues

25. January 2024

  • General
    • Configuring additional embedded devices for RTA
    • Focus on spending some time on embedded linux, in order to see usability, and compatibility with Boot2Qt images.
    • Conferences: submissions to PyCon SK, PyCon DE, PyCon LT, PyCon US
  • Infra & Releases
    • Decouple of the commercial wheels in order to have a finer granularity and simpler tree on the Qt Installer (Maintenance Tool)
    • Qt for Python 6.6.2 is waiting for Qt to be released (by the end of the month)
    • The next 5.15.13 LTS open source release will include a new fix for a missing symbol (PyIndex_Check)
    • New CI configuration without '--unity' for manual testing, to spot issues.
  • Bugs & Features
    • VS Code will use .flake8 (formerly setup.cfg) file for configuration once merged
    • PYSIDE-2575: Added a new argument to QtAsyncio to configure whether the QCoreApplication at the core of QtAsyncio should be shut down when asyncio finishes (requested by user).
    • SingleShot timer issue: Slight "complexity explosion" because correct implementation for one case requires implementation of QObject.connect overload with context arguments (and we implement QObject.connect ourselves, see PySide::qobjectConnectCallback).
    • Scripting: code simplification, and massage it to a Qt module.
    • Documentation updates to fix issues we had.
    • Unity build some issues when building without.
    • 6.7 updates, adapting some warning messages
    • QTBUG-99313 related issues
    • macOS permissions: made an example to work (for deployed apps) - patches incoming
    • Android wheels provisioning and configuration in order to generate the base-wheels.
    • armv7 complications due to an upstream find_python command.
    • Lazy initialization: re-wrote approach from scratch, to reduce the patches to one that can be analyzed easily. Some complications with this approach that needs to be improve. It can be tried with https://codereview.qt-project.org/c/pyside/pyside-setup/+/496118
    • Moving entry_points declaration to pyproject.toml from setup.py
    • Drop the bdist_wheel steps from the CI (old wheels)
    • Started working on split commercial wheels, wheels for QtDS and examples on QtCreator.

18. January 2024

  • General
  • Infra & Releases
    • Commercial LTS 6.2.11 was released
    • Add missing tags OSS LTS 5.15.x
    • 6.6.2 scheduled by the end of the month
    • Release documentation to be written to have tasks on JIRA
  • Bugs & Features
    • Python Scripting: looking into stable API, and cleanup
    • PYSIDE-2577 doxygen issue
    • PYSIDE-2570 closing some roadmap items
    • Polishing documentation to use more sphinx directives
    • Qt 6.7 adaption
    • Addressing some flake8 issues in the build_script
    • macOS permission API work continues: limitation for interpreted script, only compatible when deployed. Working around nuitka.
    • singleShot: trying to solve a corner case when no sender is specified (for using the C++ function directly)
    • Fixing some CI problems with 3.11 -> 3.12 changes.
    • PYSIDE-2404 adding more information regarding the lazy evaluation, new approach might work.
    • pyside6 is now an official recipe on the python-for-android!
    • Improvements to the doc build process

11. January 2024

  • General
    • Hackathon at TQtC
    • CI process presentation
  • Infra & Releases
    • Commercial LTS 6.5.4 release starting (to be finished today)
    • Commercial LTS 6.2.11 still pending release
    • 6.6.2 schedule by the end of the month.
    • CI still showing some issues after the maintenance break.
    • Update of the Python versions are pending.
  • Bugs & Features
    • Fixing a few small issues with QtAsyncio
    • Documentation for the QtAsyncio is currently in review.
    • New behavior for singleShot (relying on the C++ impl)
    • macOS request permission API work continues.
    • 6.7 adaptions patches
    • M2M fixes on the current impl
    • Native interfaces were added (new ones) to public headers
    • favicon issue with out docs
    • Making our doc diagram generation optional
    • Improvements for the doc build process

04.January 2024

  • General
    • Happy new year fellow readers :D
    • New OKR organization
    • Keeping in an eye on Conferences
    • PyPy is now on 3.10
    • Ideas on the wheel organization for the Qt Installer
  • Infra & Releases
    • CI Maintenance break continues. Some new issues were discovered.
    • Pending releases: 6.2.11 and 6.5.4
    • Android wheels for testing purposes are available (not for production)
    • Xcode issues with a new M3
    • Planning the inclusion of Python 3.12 in the CI
  • Bugs & Features
    • async: A few bug fixes were pushed and ready for review
    • async: the module is missing from our docs
    • async: we have been getting some interests from users, so new issues are appearing.
    • new android tag added to the examples for a better browsing
    • pyside6 designer pyenv crash was fixed
    • pyside cmake module update crash was fixed
    • working on the request permission API for macOS
    • docs: free functions as separate section and other improvements
    • Python scripting in c++ works continues
    • PyPy 3.10 compatibility patches
    • nogil: working again on a compatibility with PEP703
      • locking mechanism for our modules.
    • Typing adjustments, we need '/' in our signatures due to not having keywords parameters.