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Broadcom Doc 2012

Target: Document and Upstream Broadcom 97425 Target to Qt.

Scope: Upstream all broadcom/directFB changes for Qt5, document this part of building Qt for the Broadcom P7425 platform.

Move to the latest AppLibs and get the multiprocess OpenGL/DirectFB port working. Document the necessary steps and patches and get them upstreamed.

Qt 5.0.0

  1. Move to the latest AppLibs
  2. Build Qt 5.0.0 with DirectFB/EGL
  3. Resolve QtJsBackend (V8) memory mmap issues


28./29. February - Holger

Re-apply/validate needed linker changes to the new AppLibs release. Cleaned them up compared to previous releases.

2. March - Holger

Slowly continue with the above.

6. March - Holger

  • Start with the device profile, brad's work on arch autodetect makes it more easy.
  • Deal with build breakage for endian detection.

10. March - Holger

  • Create the device.pri but I fail to include it due qmake not exposing QT_BUILD_TREE and resolving symlinks.. The qt_config.prf strategy does not work either as it is not loaded during config.tests. The other problem is that qmake resolves symlinks, this means that a "include (../../../device.pri)" will never look in the builddir for the device.pri
  • Proposed a Devices page.

14. March - Holger

  • Got device profile to work in shadow build. I needed to add ln -s to add the device.pri around and load the .qmake.cache.
  • Updated Devices/Broadcom97425, but still blocked on on device profile.

28. March- Holger

  • Basic Device profile has been merged, rebased and extended the patches that base on it. This includes sanity checking of the compiler, -directfb configure option.
  • On the course and daily rebase more build breakage got introduced and resolved on the way.