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Lighthouse status - what works currently


  • glx-based QGLWidget - also supporting child widgets
  • EGL-based full-screen widget

Window system integration

  • linux framebuffer (/dev/fbX , use with -platform linuxfb after building linuxfb)
  • VNC ( -platform vnc after building vnc)
  • DirectFB
  • OpenKODE
  • X11
  • multi-process shared memory surface demo

Font system

  • Pluggable font database
  • application fonts
  • TTF/QPF2 fonts read from $QTDIR/lib/fonts
  • fontconfig

Input events

  • Thread safe event handling
  • Linux input system
  • tslib
  • multiple touch points

Lighthouse bugs, known issues and things that need doing

Missing features

  • Clipboard
  • Drag and drop
  • Keymap support
  • Multimedia


  • Mouse/keyboard state logic for input events

Missing functionality

  • QWidget::showMaximized()/Minimized()/FullScreen()
  • desktop services
  • focus/activation
  • frameGeometry
  • mouse/keyboard grabbing

Known bugs