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LinuxTag 2012

Where? Messe Berlin (Berlin Fairground) When? 23-26.05.2012

The Plan

  • Nokia will provide give-aways (Nokia branded, Qt branded tbd)
  • We will have several N9's for the App Contest.
  • We might be able to make an up-front social media promotion.
  • We have a Raspberry Pi proto to show off Qt 5


We will have a small booth (3sqm) together with the KDE project in Hall 7.2a at stand 106. Preminary Hall plan is here.

Location: OSM, Nokia

Nokia will provide a plasma display (and possibly some furniture)


  • Showcases: If you have an interesting show case that you want to show, please add it to the showcases section.
  • Booth staffers: If you want to man the booth, please enter your name in the below schedule table. We should have at least three people there at all times.
  • Lightning talks: This is your chance to present an interesting topic to the audience on the booth. If you want to give a lightning talk (5-10 minutes), please add yourself. We will scatter the talks throughout the entire time. You can give time preferences. We might even record the talks. Suggested topics:
    • New features in Qt 5
    • Playground projects
    • Qt tools (Creator, etc.)
    • Community


Booth staff

Available persons

  • Daniel Molkentin (danimo) - Organizer
  • Bill King
  • Robert Löhning
  • Niels Weber
  • Oswald Buddenhagen
  • Michael Hasselmann
  • Jon Nordby
  • Frederik Gladhorn (only Wednesday)
  • Christina Scherwionke
  • Tobias Hunger
  • Aurindam Jana

Booth duty

Time Wednesday, 23.05 Thursday, 24.05 Friday, 25.05 Saturday, 26.05
9-12 Bill, Tobias Robert, Jon Michael, Daniel Niels, Daniel
12-15 Bill, Frederik, Tobias Robert, Jon Michael, Daniel Daniel, Auri
15-18 Ossi, Tobias Robert, Ossi Ossi, Auri Ossi, Auri
  • Delivery+Booth setup (Tue): Daniel + Nokia WR
  • Setup (Wed, 8h): People who volunteer for the first shift on Wednesday should help with setup. Additional people please add your name here:
  • Teardown (Sat, 16h): People who volunteer for the last shift on Saturday should help with the tear down. Additional people please add your names here:

Check List for booth equipment

  • Two Tables (Infopoint+Tall table), Two high chairs, Leaflet stand (see Furniture Request)
  • Couch (Nokia?) Lack (danimo)
  • Laptops (2)
  • Roll ups
  • Actual Leaflets
  • Plasma/LCD-TV (long HDMI cable!)
  • 5 port switch, (Router?)
  • Cables (1x10m, 3x5m, 10x2m) (KDE?)
  • 2 Power Distributors, Power Chords (one 5m) (KDE?)
  • 2-3x USB A -> Micro B cables
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Micro-SD Cards
  • Monitor with SD-Card-Reader or SD-Card USB Adapters
  • Duct-Tape (white, black, grey)
  • Scissors, Knife, Screwdrivers
  • Snacks & Drinks for staffers


  • Organize more show cases
  • Organize Demo Image for R-Pi
  • Create & Print leaflets
  • Create T-Shirts for staffers?
  • Create & sell Qt T-Shirts for visitors? Ask Claudia for past experiences.