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Note: The results of the contest have been posted below

Win a Nokia N9

How to participate:

If you have written an app for the N9, enter the URL of the source code (SCM link or tar ball/zip file), the URL to the .deb file (or the Nokia Store URL) and a link to a screenshot into the first table. If you have written an Open Source Qt application that runs on the Desktop, you can also win by filling in the table, but you don't have to create a package. The jury must be able to compile the application, though. Note: We will also reward incomplete concepts, if the idea is good.

The winners will be announced at the Qt Booth at LinuxTag on Saturday, 14h Berlin local time. We will raffle extra goodies among the present crowd.


  • The source must be compilable (sending in pre-packaging will not free you from this condition)
  • The application must be licensed under an OSI-approved license
  • You must be the principle author of the application
  • The copyright remains with the authors
  • The jury's decision is final

Announcement of the winners

When? Saturday, 26.05 Where? LinuxTag 2012, Qt Project booth, Hall 7.2a, Stand 106

How to develop

Download the Qt SDK. It contains everything to get you started. If you want to write an application for the N9, read How to develop for the N9 as a starting point. See how other companies developed their apps for the N9.


First of all: A big Thank You for participating and your patience to everyone! The jury was overwhelmed with the amount and quality of entries that we have been receiving over the relative short amount of time. We have been trying to carefully test and evaluate each app by usefulness and effort and criteria matching. It was a tough choice, but unfortunately, we only have eight devices to give away.

So without further ado, I am happy to present the winning applications. Their authors have been awarded a Nokia N9 (note: as per regulations, there will be only one N9 per app, awarded to the principle author):

Entries (Alphabetical Order) Purpose Author
Aura Video recorder with live special effects calvaris
ClipBook Records and recovers previous clipboard entries bibek
CutePress WordPress mobile client ShowStopper
Online Docs Google Docs/Drive access application shaan7
QmlCalculator Scientific Calculator with plotting functionality Walter
Series Final TV Show tracker jrocha
TEDTalksQuick TED Talk Navigator, Viewer & Downloader diorahman
WazApp WhatsApp client for N9 tgalal

All winners: Congratulations! You will be receiving a message on how to claim your N9.

Original Contest Entries

Application Name Package/Repo Link (optional for Desktop) Screenshot Links Project page (optional) DevNet username
HDR Camera [1] galazzo
CuteSoma [1] andreagrandi
Quasi-Enigne [1] rogerzanoni
Koza - Gujarati Dictionary [1] ravirdv
The Karma Way [1] deuteros
Redak Text Editor RzR
Reyn Tweets [1] air-dex
Clock My World [1] Pipould
Aura [1] calvaris
NewsG [1] m_b_o
SeriesFinale [1] jrocha
Self Timer [1] janpod
QCal [1]

[2] bibek
TEDTalksQuick N9Apps Page

Nokia Store



Github diorahman
ClipBook [1] bibek
FlickrUp Latest binary

Repo Page Nokia Store

[1] FlickrUp ShowStopper
Online Docs Repo Page

Package Nokia Store QA Pending



Online Docs shaan7
CutePress Repo Page

Nokia Store

[1] CutePress ShowStopper
QmlCalculator Repo Page [1]

[2] [3]

QmlCalculator Walter
QmlGles Repo Page [1]

[2] [3]

QmlGles GNUty "fralik Danke fürs Löschen meines Eintrags ;)"
Easysync Repo link [1] Easysync fralik
Wazapp Repo Page



[2] [3] [4]

Wazapp tgalal
Web Feeds Repo Page

Nokia Store [2]

[1] gsmiko
Math Graphica Gitorious Link [1]

[2] [3]

Math Graphica john_god
Lusitania Gitorious Link [1] "Not available" john_god
ReTouch [1] rodrigo.golive
QuickEdit N9Apps Page