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Nokia and Qt


Let's collect useful facts for those interested in knowing about the commitment of Nokia in Qt. Please provide links to sources.

Nokia in the Qt Project

  • Nokia was and is the main promoter of - putting also significant effort in bringing more active contributors for the good of the Qt community.
  • Nokia is the number 1 code contributor to the Qt Project. source
  • A big majority of Qt Project maintainers and approvers are employed by Nokia. source
  • Nokia is currently the main contributor of legal resources to define and protect the Qt trademark, licensing and Contributor License Agreement. source
  • Nokia is a relevant customer for many companies active in the Qt Partners network and the Qt Project.
  • Nokia is the main funder of Qt training courses and materials, the Qt Certification and Qt Ambassadors program.
  • Nokia has a team of consultants supporting key Qt users (mostly companies using Qt for non-mobile products) and encouraging them to become active contributors to the Qt Project. source
  • The Qt Project infrastructure is currently funded by Nokia.
  • Nokia is the main sponsor and contributes most of the resources for organizing Qt Contributors Summit and Qt Developer Days
  • Nokia is helping in experimental activities around Qt 5 such as the QtonPi project, building Qt 5 for the Nokia N9, Qt 5 support for Cordova (was PhoneGap) and many other activities funded indirectly through INdT in Brazil.

Qt in Nokia

  • Since Nokia acquired Trolltech, Qt has grown exponentially in number of features, users, applications, SDK downloads, full time developers, specialized companies…
  • Nokia has products in the market shipping with Symbian and MeeGo Harmattan , both based on Qt and both being great examples of what can be done with Qt in mobile devices.
  • Nokia currently has a base of 180 million customers with Qt-enabled Symbian and N9 devices. source
  • The last Qt based product announced is the Nokia 808 PureView , awarded as Best Device at Mobile World Congress 2012
  • The Nokia Store contains a catalog of Qt based applications with possibilities of monetization via paid downloads, in-app purchase and in-app advertisement.
  • Nokia offers free support to Qt developers, both individuals and companies - - including device seeding programs, contests and co-marketing opportunities at different levels.
  • Nokia works with the top global and local brands in the countries where it operates, in order to have their mobile apps running with Qt in Nokia devices.
  • Qt’s future for Nokia: Bringing apps to the next billion.
  • At any point of time Nokia has several positions open related with Qt - check at (as of 2012-03-28 there are 43 position open, from which 35 were listed in the R&D category - feel free updating these numbers if you check).