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This page is a scratch-pad with input from the Maintainers regarding the plans and ambitions they might have for their respective modules.

Autumn 2022

Qt Designer

  • update the icons

Qt for Python/shiboken

  • Keep up-to-date with Qt
  • Adapt to C++20 features if needed

Qt Network

  • Investigate Apple's networking framework; SecureTransport was deprecated by Apple, need an alternative
    • Support more TLS plugins (mbedtls, wolfTLS, Darwin-specific QNAM plugin ...?)
  • QUIC/HTTP3 support (no 3rd party libraries found that don't bring the entire network and TLS stack)
  • separate tests that require CI infrastructure from those that don't
  • Simplify server-side TLS certificate changes -

Qt Location

UI frameworks (Widgets, Quick, Quick Controls)

(input from Qt Company R&D teams)

  • make sure that UI personalisation works out-of-the-box
    • dark-mode support on Windows and Linux (via platform theme, widget, and quick control styles)
  • Make it easy to integrate design system driven workflows for Qt Quick UIs

Platforms coming up

  • Windows 11 22H2
  • macOS 13
  • iOS 16
  • Android 13
  • Ubuntu 22.04


  • Benchmark system that runs regularly and alerts on regressions
  • Keep the amount of deprecations in check, always be aware of the impact on client code
  • Developer experience of Qt is getting worse; often not possible to open qtbase/CMakeLists.txt in Creator (parsing takes too long); worse on Windows, gets worse on Linux as well; need to be able to open a sub-CMakeLists.txt