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Dear community,

Currently I am working on a tutorial series on Cross Platfom Application Development using Qt, PyQt and PySide. I plan it to span into 7 articles, which will cover starting from the very basic aspect of Qt application development (installation, compiling, project management, unit testing, etc). I will work it on the way to top until it cover a useful Android Tutorial development using Qt (or, well, that maybe separated into another series..)

All my articles were stored in, and due to the not-so-pretty URL it generate, hereby I listed its shortened link. Hope you enjoyed it, and will be great that you leave comment so I know what things to be focused and what what things to be left out :)

  1. Part 1 : Introduction []
  2. Part 2 : First Iteration of The Overall Application Design and Hello World! []
  3. Part 3 : Test Driven Development and Unit Testing in C++ and Python []
  4. Part 4 : Database Support in C++ Qt, PyQt and PySide []

(To be continued)

Hope it help somebody out there!


PS : As I already registered myself as contributor in, these articles can also be enjoyed there!