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Qt for QNX Neutrino OS

Qt is one of the recommended UI and application development platform for embedded devices based on QNX Neutrino OS.

This page is the landing page for all aspects of using Qt on this platform. Q few topics are similar to Qt on BlackBerry 10, since it is based on QNX Neutrino OS as well. Still, there are many special topics to cover and a broad rage of customers creating embedded products and solutions.

Following pages cover Qt5 only. Qt 4.8 is supported and maintained for QNX Neutrino OS as part of Qt Enterprise, but not in active development. If you have a need for Qt4 on QNX Neutrino OS, please contact The Qt Company for Qt Enterprise licensing and support, or some of the companies providing services for Qt.

Binary installers for QNX are available with commercially licensed Qt Enterprise. Contact The Qt Company to get Qt Enterprise evaluation for QNX.

Your first reading on this topic should be the page " Working with and on Qt for QNX Neutrino OS". It provides an introduction and refers to most important places where to go on the next step.

Most important wiki pages and links: