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Qt on Raspberry Pi Curriculum — Control Systems Development


I am Sanyaade Adekoya, a lecturer at College of North West London [1] in UK currently working with students in age 16-18 [BTEC Nationals/Diplomas] and the age 19+ as well.

We are working on BeagleBoard-xM and we have just added the raspberry Pi to our project list since this device rival the BeagleBoard at a cost 8 times less than the BeagleBoard.

I have about 24 students attending two class sessions on Mondays and Tuesdays in two of our campuses but I am also planning to run community based weekend projects with Youth in London.

Project Plan

  • Investigate embedded programming using QT on raspberry pi
  • Investigate control systems using QT on raspberry pi
  • Programming embedded control devices with QT and raspberry pi
  • Develop Mobile/communication devices based on QT and raspberry pi
  • ….
  • ….

Overall Task:

  • Various class sessions that will emabrk on the areas specified above and beyond
  • Hands-on sessions on RaspBerry pi and Business in Business environment and as communication device [e.g. Wifi, Router, Mobile-phone, etc..]
  • Robotics and Artificial intelligence in pedagogy environment: Help disable students to learn better and intract in inclusive environment
  • Making things walk, talk and interact: Humanoid and machine learning development using QT on Pi
  • ….
  • ….

Sub Task 1:

Class sessions: BTEC Diploma [UNIT-24], BTEC Nationals [UNIT-2 and UNIT-3]

  • Getting started with Raspberry Pi: What it is, features, limitations, etc..
  • Preparing RaspBerry Pi ready for use: Choice of O/S:Ubuntu, Fedora, JavaOS, AngStrom, ArchLinux, Windows Embedded, etc..


Sub Task 2:

  • Application Development Part-1: Install Nokia QT SDK
  • Interface Programming and development using Nokia QT
  • Investigating HCI: QT Nokia in user environment [ergonomic and uses]
  • ….

Sub Task 3:

  • Making thing talk and interact: Turn Raspberry into communication device ala mobile phone, GSM, robotic, Alarm, SocialMedia/TV, etc..
  • ….

Code Repositories

None yet but I may put this on one of my git site [git.org/sanyaade-mobiledev]. But always check this page for an update http://git…

Videos/Screenshots/Webpage Links

None yet, I will update this when we have some. http://youtube….