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The Qt 3D Module is included in Qt 5.7 onwards. Documentation exists but is incomplete (improvements are on-going but all help is welcomed). The module is maintained by engineers from KDAB. For an introduction to Qt3D see their following blog posts:

Developing Qt 3D

Qt 5.8

  • Lots of performance improvements in the renderer
  • Plugin system for QMesh
  • QRenderCapture framegraph node
  • QPaintedTexture

Qt 5.9

Qt 5.10

  • Animation framework extensions (inverse kinematics, skinned skeletal animations)
  • Animation Clip API
  • Collision framework
  • Qt3DCore - Work stealing queues for threadpooler?

Qt 5.1x

  • Constraints framework
  • Physics engine
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Additional renderer backends (Vulkan, Direct3D 12, Metal)

Qt 6

  • QQuick3D: Unified renderer for Qt Quick and Qt 3D