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August 17th, 2010 - week 33

QML / QtDeclarative

  • bug fixing, working on documentation
  • investigating simple object list, qabstractitemmodel subclass example
    • qabstractitemmodel difficult for many, and a simple list doesn't give add, remove etc
    • a workaround is to reset the model, but this carries overhead for the engine
    • might investigate qstandarditemmodel and items as the basis for this

Bauhaus / Creator

  • looking at deployment challenges
    • orientation changes, in Qt or QtMobility? We need to find a good middle ground until QtMobility ships with QML bindings
    • until then providing boilerplate c++ code that provides a QDeclarativeView, orientation enums etc to allow others creating a native executable with QML
  • trying QML/3D, but difficult to find the model loaded.
    • modelloader example allows setting correct coordinates


  • working on class diagrams with properties
  • hoping to build a pdf for handout and sharing online


  • water team getting back from vacation
  • Have; button lineedit spinner label, Working on; windowframe toolbar pages virtual keyboard
  • Discussing with other teams on areas for contributions

QML Enablers

  • have working gesturearea; tap, tap&hold, swipe, pinch
  • how to integrate with Flickable? flickable has its own code for interaction, mouse area interaction / dragging is very complex - took a long time to get right. worried that it will be difficult to integrate with GestureArea
  • Investigating legal hurdles for pushing code externally