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Agenda/Minutes September 21st, week 38, 2010

QML / QtDeclarative

  • QMetaObject property revision functionality under works
    • allows us to fix and improve QML in Qt 4.7 patch releases
    • Needs very careful review and testing
    • second aspect of this is to change our import statement to import Qt.Quick 1.0<code>
  • bug fixing, fewer this week than before
  • investigating new datamodel for QML
  • investigating allocation improvements on Symbian

Bauhaus / Creator

  • QML JSC debugger, pushed patch to enable commandline arg to turn on debugging for all Qt apps
  • can use configure option to disable (enabled by default)
  • no security issue, but can be disabled using configure switch
  • Got Qt Components working on desktop (windows)


  • compiled list of properties for QtCompoents
  • Qt Components documentation would be a separate .qdoc file
  • One .qdoc file per API?

QML Enablers

  • fighting with some bugs to make gesturearea work on flickable
    • pressDelay might cause delays in delivery of the press event (storing mousePressEvent and deliver later), could impact GestureArea

Qt Quick Components for MeeGo

  • Virtual keyboard integration and fixing bugs
  • multiline edit - focus issues when switching between line edits