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Anybody willing to improve Qt is a contributor. Whether you want to learn how to get your patches committed to Qt, how to push a feature to the roadmap, how to develop new functionality to be contributed, how to become an approver o maintainer… Qt Contributors Day is for you. It is also a chance to meet face to face with the people you need to meet, or the people you are working with online on a daily basis. If you are not familiar with Qt open source collaboration, then one Contributors Day will teach you more than anything.

Qt Contributors Day is the place to get actual and potential Qt contributors together to discuss and work on Qt Project topics. It is a complement to the Qt Contributors Summit and is meant to happen within other events, whenever there is a high concentration of Qt contributors.

The sessions are more BoF style than presentations. The day is more of an unconference than a fully scheduled event with call for papers. Still, we want to put a basic structure in place to help potential participants planning their trips and schedules.

The event is open and free of charge but registration is required for planning purposes. Also because others may join if they know you are joining.

San Francisco, 2011-11-29

The next Qt Contribution Day happens at the beginning of Qt Dev Days in San Francisco. You can follow the news and get involved through


(((Check the whiteboard for the real-time schedule, especially for the unconference sessions in Room B)))

Tuesday 29, 2011 - HARBOUR BALLROOM A & B (at the exhibition floor)

Proposals welcome! We are looking for deep topics and team meetings defaulting to 90' to leave good time for discussion. We are open to alternative proposals e.g. lightning sessions to give heads up on specific topics.

|. Time |. Room A |_. Room B | | 10:00 | Welcome! Short intro by Lars Knoll and Quim Gil. Unconference scheduling with Knut Yrvin.| | | 10:30 | Qt 5 on Raspberry Pi Project status and collaboration with the Qt Project. Facilitated by Roland Krause (ICS), Rajiv Ranganath (Nokia), Brian Avery (Nokia).| ["Lighthouse documentation":Qt_Contributors_Day/Lighthouse_Documentation] | | 12:00 | Lunch break | Lunch break | | 13:00 | Qt Commercial contributing to Qt Project What contributions are being done, how to collaborate better & the Qt Cloud proposal. Facilitated by Sami Makkonen (Digia)| Qt 3D, facilitated by Sarah Martin (Nokia) ["Qt Networking":Qt_Contributors_Day/Qt_Networking_Discussion] Legacy support | | 14:30 | Corporate Inclusion How to get companies involved in the Qt-Project. Help developers, managers and customers understand the value to their organizations. Answer questions like:

  • Why should we even care about contributing to the Qt-Project?
  • How can we actually be of help?
  • How can I get a specific patch into Qt?
  • What's the Qt roadmap and how do we influence it?

Discussion. Facilitated by Adam Weinrich (Nokia). | Mosaic Qt Developers Suite [Licensing talk about mobile platforms"] | | 16:00 | The Android, iOS and Windows Phone ports What is the desired relationship between the Qt ports for Android, iOS and Windows Phone and the Qt Project? Any needs in terms of infrastructure and processes? Participation confirmed from Cutehacks (some of the promoters of the Android port, also experimenting with WP) and Ian Dean (main developer of the iOS port).| | | 17:30 | Heads Up (5min & 1 slide max)

  • Introducing Qt Project marketing, by Quim Gil (Nokia)
  • KDE contributing to Qt
  • Helping new contributors
  • Qt infrastructure, by Marcus D. Hanwell (Kitware)
  • Gamma Ray
  • Building Qt | |

| 18:00 | The End |

Proposed topics

Do you have a Qt Project related topic that you would like to see in the schedule even if you are not one of the drivers? Please list it below. We will do our best finding the people in charge and making room for these in the agenda.

  • Qt Android port and the Qt Project.
  • Qt iOS port and the Qt Project.
  • From first time contributor to approver: rules of engagement.
  • How small companies can get the most of their contributions.
  • Build and Packaging/Deployment (Widgets, QML, resources).
  • Improving and contributing to support tools (such as Git, Gerrit, test infrastructure).

What Would You Like To Get Out Of Contributors Day

Add your objectives here, or specific questions you want answered…

  • Meet members of the community
  • Understand roadmap for Qt Creator
  • Understand Qt Creator files details: formats for projects/configurations/builds, now-and-future-needs
  • "Be Aware Of" (current) community development efforts related to Qt tools (e.g., static analysis, build, deployment, etc.)
  • Understand what tools may-be-coming from Trolls/Nokia (such as current internal "research efforts" relating to build/packaging/deployment)


Add yourself to the list, specifying your affiliation and interests for this event.

  1. Quim Gil (Nokia). Coordinator of the Qt Contributors Day.
  2. Chuck Piercey (Nokia). Director Qt External Ecosystem Key Accounts and Business Development.
  3. Dario Freddi (KDE). Maintainer of several KDE components.
  4. Jeremy Whiting (KDE). Maintainer of a few KDE components.
  5. Olivier Goffart (Woboq). Qt contributor.
  6. Marcus D. Hanwell (Kitware, KDE). Developer/maintainer of several Qt projects.
  7. Charley Bay (Qt contributor with tools interest)
  8. Alexandra Leisse (Nokia). Qt Web Community Manager
  9. Thiago Macieira (Intel), Qt Core maintainer
  10. Yumin Yuan (Kitware), Qt developer
  11. Lars Knoll (Nokia), Qt Chief maintainer
  12. Jeff Mitchell (KDE, Other). Developer/maintainer of several Qt projects.
  13. Rajiv Ranganath, Product Manager, Qt Developer Engagement Team, Nokia
  14. Tuukka Turunen (Digia), Director, R&D, Qt Commercial
  15. Sami Makkonen (Digia), Senior Product Manager, Qt Commercial
  16. Janne Anttila (Digia), Architect, Qt Commercial
  17. Kyle Lutz (Kitware), Qt developer
  18. Anand Balagopalakrishnan (Texas Instruments). Qt developer.
  19. Tom Hinton (Nokia). Contribution Promoter among Qt Key Accounts.
  20. Adam Weinrich (Nokia). Qt Key Accounts.
  21. Tony Wittry (Nokia). Qt Key Accounts.
  22. Jeffrey Malone (ICS). Qt developer.
  23. Marijn Kruisselbrink (KDE, KO GmbH). Maintainer/developer of some KDE and Qt software.
  24. Shrikant Dhumal (Persistent Systems). Qt developer.
  25. Bhooshan Supe (Persistent Systems). Qt developer.
  26. Marius Bugge Monsen (Cutehacks). Qt developer.
  27. Felipe Crochik. Qt developer
  28. Rodrigo Belem (KDE, INdT). Maintainer/developer of some KDE and Qt projects.
  29. Knut Yrvin (Nokia). Qt community manager
  30. Kalle Dalheimer (KDAB). CEO.
  31. Espen Riskedal (Cutehacks). Qt for Android evangelist
  32. Mark Long (AccuWeather). Qt Developer
  33. Isaac Chavez (AutoZone). Qt Developer
  34. Alex Spehr (froglogic, KDE). KDE developer. Qt GUI testing
  35. Alex Blasche (Nokia), Qt Location/SFW/Sensors maintainer