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Widget Designer
Test Result Annotation
Create a form class
Add a control like a button and do "Go to slot" automated
Change an object's name in the integration and check if autocompletion of it works automated
Test Result Annotation
Is context sensitive help working?
Title page of Qt Creator documentation shows right version information?
Are screenshots up to date? Check some of them.
Version Control (CVS/SVN/p4/git if installed)
Test Result Annotation
Try checkout wizards git automated
Can display project status/logs
Can display diffs, doubleclick in diff jumps to code
When showing a diff, make sure that keyboard shortcuts can't change this diff (Ctrl+Alt+up/down, Ctrl+Shift+up/down).
Can revert unstaged/uncommitted changes
Can display logs, click on change number shows description git automated
Can display blame
Can submit
Test Result Annotation
Create various app types, play around with parameters (suffixes)
Create an Autotest project using the wizard. Add passing and failing tests. Run those and check that Creator reports the results correctly.
Add classes, form classes check compilation
Test Result Annotation
Check protocol PasteBin.com, especially 'list' functionality as that parses HTML automated
External Tools
Test Result Annotation
Try Tools -> External -> Text -> Edit with vi/Notepad
Try Edit -> Advanced -> Sort Selected Lines automated
Set up a new External Tool for use in Creator and check if it works correctly
Drag a file from an external file manager and drop in into Creator. Creator should correctly display the file's contents.
Test Result Annotation
Try profiling C++, QML and analyzing Code. If you don’t know how, that’s part of the test. Check the docs. :-)